Bespoke Home Inspections

With a bespoke home inspection, I can be your hands and eyes to inspect areas that concern you the most. A bespoke inspection covers everything that a standard home inspection does, and a lot more, such as radon testing, mold and termite inspection, air-quality assessment, etc.

Mold Inspection

I will inspect roofs, basements and other areas that are vulnerable to moisture and mold infestation.


This includes floor, walls, roof, foundation and every aspect of the property that’s brick and mortar.

Internal Systems

I will inspect plumbing and electrical systems and will also earmark faulty appliances and potential hazards.

Crawl Spaces

I’m flexible to crawl in and out of tight spaces when it comes to finding any leakage, rust or pest problem.

Termite Inspection

The use of a thermal imaging camera can detect termite colonies beneath wooden floors and other exposed areas.

Radon Testing

Radon is a radioactive gas present in the soil that can enter homes through the cracks in the foundation. Get radon testing done to avoid serious respiratory illness in the future.

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Rental Inspection

As a landlord, it’s your responsibility to make sure your rental property is in good enough condition for the next tenant to move in.

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Residential Inspection

I can inspect a condo, apartment, bungalow, villa, mansion, townhouse and single & multi-family homes of all shapes and sizes.

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Commercial Inspection

My commercial inspection covers offices, warehouses, restaurants, retail stores and all types of commercial properties, big and small.

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Bespoke Add-Ons

Augment your standard inspection package with various add-ons, such as Radon testing, air quality, mold and termite inspection.

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