Commercial Inspection Baltimore MD

So you have finalized your next office space. The location is fantastic, the property looks good and the view outside the window is amazing.

Before you take the ownership of the property, consider getting it inspected thoroughly. A commercial inspection will give you a clear picture of the condition of plumbing, electrical, ductwork and other structural issues.

The physical condition of your commercial property is crucial to the safety of your patrons and employees. Workplace accidents happen, but someone getting electrocuted because of exposed wires or poor earthing connections can leave your company knee-deep in legal trouble.

Therefore, it is important to know the kind of property that you are buying.

Commercial Property Inspection That Pays for Itself

Buying a commercial property is one of the significant decisions because it is where your business lives and thrives. Add to it regular maintenance and upgrades; the cost can shoot through the roof. And if you end up buying a problematic property, the repair expenses down the road can hit your company’s bottom line really hard.

With years of experience and knowledge of the construction process, I will assess your property on 100+ touchpoints to make sure there are no surprises left for later.

All you have to do is get in touch with me to schedule an appointment. I’ll take care of everything else. 


Next-Day Inspection Reports

The process of home-buying is full of excitement. I have seen and heard of buyers making haste decisions, which they regret sooner or later. I understand that you can't wait to move into your next home, but proceeding without a home inspector can cost you big time. As a solution to this, I try to turn around the inspection report within 24 hours so that you can immediately start to learn about your prospective home. I try to keep my inspection report format as simple as possible and also attach digital pictures to help you understand where exactly the issue lies and how bad it looks.

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