Rental Inspection Baltimore MD

As a landlord, it’s your responsibility to make sure your rental property is in good enough condition for the next tenant to move in. If you get this part right, your tenants will be happy to give you the security deposit.

Also, it is equally important to inspect the property before refunding the bond money as your tenant decides to move out.

I can provide you with move-in and move-out inspection services to avoid any conflicts with the tenant when it comes to settling dues.

It’s sometimes difficult to convince the tenant to pay for the damages they caused to the property during their extended stay. However, a before-and-after rental inspection can clear up the confusion.

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My rental inspection will assess damage to the paintwork, floors, major appliances, electrical fixtures and sockets, faucets and toilets, and the overall cleanliness.

Get in touch with me to order a rental inspection. I can help you learn more about the process and pricing over the call.

Next-Day Inspection Reports

The process of home-buying is full of excitement. I have seen and heard of buyers making haste decisions, which they regret sooner or later. I understand that you can't wait to move into your next home, but proceeding without a home inspector can cost you big time. As a solution to this, I try to turn around the inspection report within 24 hours so that you can immediately start to learn about your prospective home. I try to keep my inspection report format as simple as possible and also attach digital pictures to help you understand where exactly the issue lies and how bad it looks.

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